sue harrison

We were about to move. There were chimney related issues identified in the inspection report. The buyer had convinced himself that the chimney needed to be replaced though he had no justification for thinking so. Joe came to look at the chimney. He was very thorough and indicated the only way to ensure the chimney did not need to be replaced would be a scope inside the chimney. He said he could do that right away – he cleaned the chimney and did the scope. We were on a tight timeline to get back to the buyer – he confirmed the chimney was fine. Provided a report and quote on the spot. He was such a wonderful, professional and thorough person, we wanted to give a shout out to him. His willingness to work with us in a timely manner was a godsend in the negotiation process with a very difficult buyer.Thank you, Joe! Services: Chimney inspections, Chimney cleaning