Fireplace Services

Your home’s fireplace is a great place to gather and add ambiance to your home. Proper fireplace maintenance and service are essential to prevent your peaceful fireplace from becoming a fire hazard. 

Beck’s Chimney Sweep provides quality gas, electric, and wood-burning fireplace services in Central Indiana, and throughout Indianapolis. We’ve been providing fireplace services to homeowners for over 40 years. Our team holds the highest level of industry credentials and continues to participate in ongoing training and certifications to maintain our top-of-the-line customer service. 

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Damper Services

Your fireplace damper is a movable metal plate that is in your fireplace or chimney that controls the airflow of gasses and smoke in and out of your fireplace. It is typically made of steel or cast iron and is incredibly important to the safety of your home when you light a fire in your fireplace.  Beck’s provides damper services for homes in Central Indiana. Talk to us to inspect the damper in your fireplace to see if we can help. 

Damper Repair

If you’re having trouble opening or closing your damper, it might need to be repaired to get it working properly again. Without a working damper for your fireplace, you could risk smoke inhalation and potential damage to your home. A damper that can’t close can also cause pests, drafts, and moisture to enter your home. Call Beck’s for damper repair services. 

Damper Replacement

If you can hear the wind whistling through your chimney, even with your damper closed, there could be an issue with broken seals and gaskets. These parts of your damper can deteriorate over time and can cause a lot of energy loss in your home. Dampers are also prone to rust and wear and tear which can cause issues for your chimney. Beck’s can replace your damper with a new one that will create a tighter seal and will be much safer the next time you light a fire. 

Fireplace Inspection

If you use your fireplace frequently, a rule of thumb is to have it inspected annually. A fireplace inspection is especially important if you’ve noticed issues with the fireplace in your Central Indiana home like cracks, damper issues, leaks, strange odors, or blockages. We can perform a thorough fireplace inspection and let you know if you need to make any repairs. 

If you haven’t used your fireplace in many years but would like to start again, having your fireplace inspected before you light the first match would be in your best interest. Call us to make sure that your fireplace is still working safely before the heating season starts. 

Fireplace Repair

Fireplaces are a large part of your home’s structure. Whether you use your fireplace frequently or not, it’s always important to address issues when you notice them. Cracks, leaks, and noises coming from your fireplace could be detrimental to your home’s structural integrity. The sooner you address issues, the more affordable they will be. Ignoring fireplace issues for too long can result in large repair bills or a drop in your home’s value.  

Crack Repair

Cracks in your fireplace’s structure, whether in the firebox, chimney, or masonry, can allow moisture to infiltrate, causing further deterioration due to freeze-thaw cycles. This can weaken the structural integrity, leading to safety hazards and reduced efficiency. Ignoring cracks can result in an increased risk of chimney fires, compromised ventilation, and even potential collapses. Timely crack repair ensures the longevity and safety of your fireplace system.

Brick Repair

Bricks are a fundamental component of many fireplaces, and damaged or deteriorating bricks can compromise the entire structure. Loose, broken, and cracked bricks can allow moisture to seep into the chimney, causing deterioration, spalling, and compromising the chimney’s ability to withstand heat and can create unstable conditions that risk collapsing. Professional brick repair ensures the fireplace’s stability, prevents further damage, and maintains the safety of your home.

Firebox Repair

The firebox is where the actual fire is ignited and burns. It is typically made of high-heat-resistant materials that can become damaged over time due to the high temperatures it is exposed to during combustion. If you notice any cracks, chips, or flaking of the surface, you should have these addressed with firebox repair services from Beck’s. These issues can make your fireplace look less aesthetically pleasing as well as cause a drop in efficiency. 

Flue Repair

The flue is responsible for venting smoke and gasses out of the home. A damaged or compromised flue liner can lead to hazardous situations, such as carbon monoxide leaks or chimney fires. Without proper flue repair, toxic gasses can infiltrate your living space, risking the health and safety of your family. Regular flue inspection and repair for the fireplace in your Central Indiana home is crucial for maintaining proper ventilation and ensuring your fireplace’s safe operation.

Masonry Repair

Masonry encompasses various elements of your fireplace, from the chimney to the hearth. Over time, mortar can deteriorate due to weather, heat, and usage. This can lead to gaps, loose bricks, and instability. Masonry repair restores the integrity of your fireplace’s appearance and functionality while preventing further damage.

Metal Fireplace Repair

Neglecting to make metal fireplace repairs can compromise the fireplace’s efficiency, ventilation, and even pose safety risks. Metal fireplaces, including prefabricated units and inserts, are susceptible to rust, corrosion, and damage to components like dampers and fire screens. So make sure you call Beck’s to make the metal fireplace repairs necessary to continue its safe and efficient operation.

Mortar Repair

Mortar holds the bricks or stones together in your fireplace and chimney. Deteriorating mortar joints can lead to gaps, water infiltration, and reduced stability. Weakened mortar can contribute to the collapse of your chimney or fireplace, endangering your property and safety. Mortar repair maintains the structural integrity, preventing water damage and maintaining a secure fireplace system.

Fireplace Refractory Panel Replacement

Fireplace refractory panels are heat-resistant panels that are meant to protect the surrounding fireplace from excessive heat. These panels are typically made from refractory cement and are designed to be durable enough to withstand high temperatures, they can occasionally develop cracks, chips, and peeling that can result in heat, soot, and smoke escaping from your fireplace. 

Replacing your fireplace refractory panels is essential to ensure the safe operation of your fireplace. Beck’s can assess the condition of these panels and provide you with replacement services if necessary. 

Tuckpointing Services

If you’ve noticed lots of moisture or water in your fireplace, that’s a sign that the bricks and mortar of your fireplace are deteriorating. This can be an incredibly dangerous situation, not just for safe fireplace usage, but for the structure of your home. The bricks from your fireplace lead to your chimney which may also be deteriorating. At the very least, you should have your fireplace and chimney inspected by the experienced team at Beck’s.

If we notice that your fireplace is deteriorating, we can perform tuckpointing services, which can help restore the strength, integrity, and appearance of the masonry by replacing the old mortar with fresh mortar. This can help extend the life of your fireplace and protect the value of your home.

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