Dryer Vent Cleaning:

Are Your Clothes Taking More Than One Cycle to Dry?


Are you a Noblesville homeowner finding yourself running multiple cycles just to get a load of laundry to fully dry? Your dryer vent may need to be cleaned. The good news is you can turn to your trusted chimney service provider (that’s us) for all of your dryer vent cleaning needs.

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Why Is It Important To Get Your Dryer Vents Professionally Cleaned?

Dryer vents are an essential part of your home, and if they are not cared for properly, they can cause your household a lot of issues.

There are lots of benefits to cleaning your dryer vents:

  • They increase dryer efficiency. When dryer vents become clogged, clothes tend to take more than one cycle to dry. This not only puts a strain on your cleaning routine, but your energy bills as well.
  • They help prevent fires. Combine flammable lint with excessive heat, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster. Clean vents minimize the risk of dryer-related fires drastically.
  • They help improve indoor air quality. A clean dryer vent prevents heat, moisture, and, in the case of gas dryers, carbon monoxide from being trapped in your home.
  • They work to extend the life of your appliance. An appliance that is forced to work harder and longer simply won’t last as long as one that isn’t. A new dryer is a big expense – avoid it as long as you can with affordable yearly cleanings.

How Often Should I Clean My Dryer Vents?

It’s recommended to clean your dryer vents at least once a year. However, if you notice signs of lint accumulation or reduced dryer performance, such as longer drying times or overheating, it’s best to clean the vents more frequently.

Additionally, if you have a larger household or do a lot of laundry, you may need to clean the vents more often to ensure optimal performance.

It’s a good idea to start with two per year, then move the number up or down based on your technician’s recommendations. But, at the minimum, the job should be done yearly.

A note on newer homes with longer dryer vents… For homeowner convenience, some newer homes place the clothes dryers in interior closets or on upper levels of the home. While we’re all for convenience, these decisions can negatively impact airflow and efficiency simply because of how much harder it is for the appliance to vent adequately.

It’s especially important to have these dryer vents routinely cleaned because they typically have longer runs and more turns and twists – and these long runs and sharp corners can encourage lint buildup and blockages. So, don’t skip the dryer vent cleanings just because your home is new!

Can I DIY Dryer Vent Cleaning?

Now that you know that it’s important to clean out your dryer vents at least once a year, you may be wondering if this is a job you can tackle on your own. Well if you search “do it yourself dryer venting cleaning,” you’ll find many tutorials that say you can…but if you ask an industry expert, they’ll advise against this practice.

Why should you consult a professional when it comes time to schedule a dryer vent cleaning?

Well, aside from the fact that it’s always easier and quicker to leave all ventilation work to those with the knowledge and experience, it’s significantly safer, too. Like chimneys, dryer vents can develop flammable buildup. So while the systems, the type of buildup, and the areas of the home may be different, the problem’s the same: buildup needs to be removed for fire safety.

The physical removal and act of cleaning out this vent may seem straightforward and easy enough, but is actually a rather involved process – especially now with more and more dryers utilizing long venting flues because of their more concealed locations.

Much like their chimney vent counterparts, properly and effectively clearing out all the collected debris found in a dryer vent requires the use of specially designed tools that are only available to professionals in the venting industry.

In addition, someone without experience can cause damage to the venting materials, miss areas, or compact the lint in even tighter. All in all, DIY dryer vent cleaning can lead to lots of issues, meaning you’ll be putting in a lot of time and work, and your home still may be at risk at the end of it all.

Basically, it’s better to pay for an affordable professional dryer vent service now, rather than expensive fire-related home repairs later on.

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Are Dirty Dryer Vents Dangerous?

It’s clear that the benefits of a dryer vent cleaning service are nice, but is it really all that dangerous to operate a dryer that hasn’t had its vents properly and professionally cleaned out?

Short answer – yes.

Longer answer… Dirty vents – no matter if we’re talking home heating and chimney or laundry maintenance and dryer – are incredibly dangerous.

When lint, which is naturally produced during every dry cycle, builds up inside of the dryer vent, it can:

  • Limit airflow and reduce the efficiency of the clothes dryer
  • Cause overheating and overwork your clothes dryer
  • Spark a fire
  • Prevent proper venting and send carbon monoxide back into the home.

As a result, you could find yourself wasting time and energy running your clothes dryer longer and for multiple cycles to get the job done. Or worse, you could be at increased risk for carbon monoxide poisoning and house fires. That’s why the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) encourage homeowners to make dryer vent cleanings a normal part of annual home maintenance.

Not sure when you last had your dryer vents cleaned out? Ready to check that item off your annual home service to-do list? Simply get in touch with someone from the Beck’s Chimney team to schedule your appointment and we’ll do the rest. It’s as easy as that.

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How Do We Clean Dryer Vents?

What can you expect when you schedule a dryer vent cleaning service with the Beck’s Chimney crew? Here’s what’s involved in the process:

  • Diagnostics check for proper function and airflow
  • Connector check for safety, installation, and code compliance
  • Cleaning of the vent using flexible, rotating rods that loosen lint
  • Removal of the lint from the system using a powerful vacuum that forces all debris outside

And don’t worry – we won’t leave the lint strewn across your property. Every last bit will be captured and taken with us when we leave, leaving you with a cleaner, safer, more efficient system – without sacrificing the beauty of a well-kept lawn.

How Do I Know If My Dryer Vents Need To Be Cleaned?

In an ideal world, you’ll know it’s time to have your dryer vents cleaned when you approach a year since your last vent cleaning service. However, we know that this is not always realistic. Here are some things to watch out for that might indicate when you should set aside some time for your next dryer cleaning service:

  • Do your clothes seem to require more than one dry cycle to feel effectively dry?
  • Are you noticing an excessive amount of lint, or do you find it in places where it usually isn’t?
  • Does your dryer feel exceptionally hot to the touch?
  • Is your laundry room feeling hotter than usual?
  • Are you noticing a burning smell whenever your appliance is running?

It’s important to know that this list is not diagnostic, but rather a handful of questions to ask yourself when you’re going through that home maintenance checklist every year. If you ever notice your dryer performing strangely at any point, do not neglect it or continue to use it as normal.

If you’re at all concerned, give the dedicated team at Beck’s a call – no matter how long it’s been between dryer vent cleanings.

What Should I Do if I Smell a Burning Odor Coming From My Dryer?

If you smell a burning odor coming from your dryer, it’s crucial to take immediate action. You could be experiencing a potential fire hazard, so the quicker you address the problem, the better. Here are the steps you should take.

  • Turn Off the Dryer: Stop the dryer immediately by turning off the power or unplugging it from the outlet. This will help prevent any further heating or potential ignition.
  • Disconnect the Dryer: If safe to do so, disconnect the dryer from the power source and, if possible, from the gas line (if it’s a gas dryer) to eliminate any potential fuel source.
  • Check for Visible Signs of Fire or Smoke: Carefully inspect the dryer and its surroundings for any signs of fire, smoke, or scorch marks. If you see any, evacuate the area immediately and call the fire department.
  • Ventilate the Area: Open windows and doors to allow fresh air to circulate and dissipate any lingering odor.
  • Investigate the Cause: Once the immediate danger is addressed, investigate the cause of the burning smell. It could be due to lint buildup in the dryer vents, overheating components, or a malfunctioning part.
  • Schedule Inspection and Repair: Contact a qualified appliance repair technician to inspect the dryer thoroughly and identify the root cause of the burning odor. They can diagnose any issues and perform the necessary repairs or maintenance to ensure the dryer operates safely.
  • Clean Dryer Vents: If lint buildup is suspected as the cause of the burning smell, schedule a professional dryer vent cleaning to remove any accumulated lint and debris from the vents. This will help prevent future overheating and fire risks.
  • Resume Use Safely: Only resume using the dryer once it has been inspected, repaired (if necessary), and deemed safe for operation by a qualified technician.

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Maintaining clean dryer vents is essential for the safety, efficiency, and longevity of your dryer and your home. By regularly cleaning your dryer vents, you reduce the risk of fire hazards caused by lint buildup and ensure that your dryer operates at its best.

Professional dryer vent cleaning services offer thorough and effective solutions to remove stubborn lint and debris, providing you with peace of mind and a safer home environment.

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