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Chimney repair near me… Fireplace repair near Noblesville… Masonry repair in Noblesville, IN… It doesn’t matter how specific you get with your chimney and fireplace repair searches…your search engine is going crazy with chimney and fireplace repair searches, and – frankly – you’re overwhelmed with the results.

Why not put the burden on us? We’ve been the trusted chimney service provider in Central Indiana for decades, and we’d be happy to help out with all of your repair needs.

Let’s get the ball rolling before your fireplace and chimney damage gets worse. Call or schedule with us online today.

How Do We Repair Your Chimney & Fireplace?

We didn’t become one of the top chimney repair companies in Noblesville and Central Indiana overnight. We’ve spent decades fine-tuning our craft, so we’re always ahead of industry trends, all while adhering to regulations set by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA).

Our knowledgeable chimney service professionals at Beck’s Chimney Sweep are highly trained in all aspects of chimney repair needs, including the following services.

Chimney Leak Repair

When your chimney structure starts to crumble or crack, it can affect the integrity of your entire chimney and fireplace system, triggering leaks and damage to your chimney liners, chimney cap, firebox, and more. In addition, you may notice wood rot, ceiling stains, peeling paint/wallpaper, and other interior home damage.

Our chimney leak repair services are comprehensive, ensuring your structure stands tall and strong for the long haul. Hire us for chimney cap installation, waterproofing, chase cover installation, and chimney crown repair services.

Masonry & Exterior Brick Repair

Masonry refers to the bricks and mortar that hold your chimney together. Over time, cracks can develop in your masonry, compromising both the look and overall aesthetics of your structure. But curb appeal isn’t the only issue with broken-down masonry… Damaged or deteriorating bricks not only affect your fireplace’s appearance, but also its stability.

Our expert technicians can assess and repair any cracks, providing peace of mind and preserving your fireplace’s integrity. For masonry fireplaces, our services cover a range of needs, from restoring mortar joints to repairing cracked bricks. Our masonry repair expertise keeps your fireplace looking stunning and structurally sound for the long haul.

Tuckpointing & Mortar Repair

If we notice that your masonry’s mortar is deteriorating, we can perform tuckpointing services, which help restore the strength, integrity, and appearance of the masonry. Tuckpointing, also sometimes referred to as repointing, involves replacing the old mortar with fresh mortar.

Why is crumbling mortar a big deal? Damaged mortar joints can compromise the stability of your structure, making it more likely to break down, tilt, or even collapse. This can be an incredibly dangerous situation, not just for safe fireplace usage, but for the structure of your home. It also leaves more pathways for moisture to enter and break your masonry down.

Our mortar repair services focus on preserving the strength and appearance of your fireplace. This can help extend the life of your fireplace and chimney, as well as protect the value of your home. At the very least, you should have your fireplace and chimney inspected by the experienced team at Beck’s.

Chimney Damper Repair

Chimney dampers are the components used to regulate airflow in a chimney. When the fire is going strong, you open it to ensure smoke and fumes escape. Then, when the fire is out, you can close it to keep any heat or conditioned air inside, as well as avoid any downdrafts.

Over time, though, dampers can become damaged or stuck, hindering their functionality and causing an unwelcome shift if your energy bills. Chimney damper repair involves fixing or replacing these components to ensure proper ventilation and promote efficiency.

Repairing dampers often involves inspection, cleaning, lubrication, and replacement of worn or broken parts – a job you’ll definitely want to trust to a professional. We’re here to help!

Firebox Repair

As the host of your fireplace’s fires, the firebox is a crucial component of your fireplace – and any issues need immediate attention. Our professionals offer comprehensive firebox repair services, addressing damage to maintain safety and efficiency.

And remember – metal fireplaces require specialized attention too. Our technicians are well-versed in metal fireplace repair, addressing issues to keep your fireplace functioning optimally.

Smoke Chamber Repair & Parging

The smoke chamber is the funnel-shaped area above the firebox in a fireplace where smoke gathers before exiting through the chimney. This helps ensure smoke doesn’t get caught up, where it can either bounce back into your home or trigger all kinds of buildup.

Unfortunately, smoke chambers of the past are typically corbeled, which can hinder the flow of smoke. Smoke chamber parging involves applying a specialized mortar or cement mixture to the walls of this chamber to smooth out rough surfaces and create a more efficient pathway for smoke to exit the chimney.

All in all, parging helps improve draft efficiency, reduces the risk of smoke spillage into the room, and enhances the overall safety and performance of the fireplace. In fact, many coding restrictions now require it! For a job done right, trust us.

Chimney Relining

Your flue liner, or chimney liner, lines the inside of the chimney, connecting to the smoke chamber to help draw fumes out of your home.

Chimney liners play a few critical roles: keeping your chimney protected from the heat and gases your fires produce, ensuring all fumes travel safely upward, and ensuring flames don’t reach adjacent woodwork in your home. Needless to say, a damaged flue liner can lead to a number of hazardous situations.

Chimney flue liners can be repaired or relined, but it takes a highly trained team, such as our professionals at Beck’s, to complete the intensive process. We provide expert chimney liner repair and replacement servicer to ensure your fireplace operates safely year after year and keeps your home and family warm and protected.

Flexible chimney flue liner duct pipe
Chimney Chase Repair

Chimney Chase Repair

Do you have prefabricated chimney? Your chase is the structure that runs from the roofline to the chimney crown, protecting all of your metal venting materials from rust – and improving the overall appearance of your home in the process.

We offer chase repair for brick chases to ensure the structure can efficiently direct smoke and fumes out of your house and away from your roof.

Fireback Installation

Firebacks are heavy metal plates typically made of cast iron or steel placed at the back of fireplaces. They serve multiple purposes, including protecting the masonry of the fireplace from heat damage, reflecting heat back into the room, and enhancing the aesthetics of the fireplace.

Fireback installation begins with cleaning the fireplace thoroughly to ensure proper adhesion, followed by positioning the fireback securely against the rear wall. Some firebacks come with feet for stability, while others may require additional support. Proper installation is vital to enhance both the safety and functionality of the fireplace, as well as provide a cozy and efficient heating solution for the home.

Firebox Refractory Panel Replacement

Refractory panels are heat-resistant materials lining the inside of a prefabricated fireplace’s firebox, and they’re designed to withstand high temperatures to protect the structure. That said, over time, these panels can crack or deteriorate due to heat exposure.

Damaged refractory panels can compromise the integrity of the fireplace, leading to safety hazards such as heat transfer to combustible materials or structural damage.

Replacement involves removing the damaged panels and installing new ones. It’s crucial to use materials specifically designed for fireplace use to ensure safety and efficiency, which is why hiring our experts for the job is always going to be the best route.

Fireplace Troubleshooting

Sometimes, you don’t know what your fireplace troubles are…you just know things aren’t operating like they should be. Issues may include difficulty lighting the fire, inadequate heat output, excessive smoke, unusual odors, unusual noises, and more.

Fireplace troubleshooting refers to the process of identifying and resolving issues with a fireplace that affect its performance, safety, or functionality.

Troubleshooting typically involves inspecting various components such as the chimney, flue, damper, pilot light (if applicable), and fuel source (wood, gas, electric, pellet, etc.) to pinpoint the source of the problem. Regular troubleshooting ensures that the fireplace operates safely and efficiently, minimizing the risk of fire hazards and maximizing enjoyment of the fireplace.

You can count on Beck’s for all your fireplace repair needs in Hamilton County and the surrounding communities. Contact us today to schedule an inspection and keep your fireplace safer, more beautiful, and functional.

Warning Signs Your Fireplace Is in Need of Repairs

Your fireplace is more than just a cozy feature in your home. It plays a crucial role in your home’s structure. And yes – even if you only use it once a year, investing in professional servicing for your fireplace is vital. In fact, the longer you wait, the costlier repairs can become, potentially affecting your family’s comfort and your home’s value.

Here are some key warning signs that your fireplace requires repairs:

  • Visible damage in the chimney, firebox, or flue lining
  • Deteriorating bricks that flake off
  • Smoke entering the room
  • Presence of unpleasant odors
  • Stains or moisture around the fireplace or chimney
  • Damper or firebox showing signs of rust
  • Loose or missing mortar between bricks or stones
  • Difficulty opening or closing the damper
  • A tar-like substance (called creosote) accumulating in the flue
  • Signs of critters nesting in the chimney, including unusual sounds or visible indications

If you notice any of these issues, don’t delay – reach out to Beck’s immediately. To be more proactive in the future, we strongly recommend scheduling a fireplace inspection before the heating season starts to give you peace of mind that your fireplace is in good working order.

Can I Complete Fireplace Repairs Myself?

Ah, DIY fireplace repair…is it an option?

As a professional fireplace repair company, we always prioritize the safety and well-being of our customers. Because of this, we highly recommend turning to a professional for all fireplace repairs – regardless of the perceived simplicity of the task.

Fireplaces and chimneys don’t seem like much…just a box that holds fire and a chimney to vent out the smoke, right? Not so fast. Fireplaces are complex systems with many components that require specialized knowledge to service and repair.

This means that attempting DIY repairs without the necessary skills and experience can lead to serious – and dangerous – consequences, including fire hazards, gas leaks, and structural damage.

Professional fireplace technicians, like us, have the training, tools, and experience to accurately diagnose issues, perform repairs correctly, and adhere to safety standards. We can also identify any underlying problems that may not be immediately apparent to homeowners and address them effectively to prevent future issues.

Play it safe – call or book online with our experts now.

What Should I Do if My Fireplace Is Emitting Smoke Into the Room?

If your fireplace is pouring smoke into the room every time you light a fire, it’s important to take immediate action to address the issue. We recommend:

  • Open doors and windows. Increasing ventilation in the room by opening windows and doors to allow the smoke to dissipate. This can also help improve air circulation in your chimney by providing some make-up air and balancing out the negative air pressure.
  • Check your damper. Did you forget to open your damper? It’s a common mistake. A closed or partially closed damper will restrict airflow, leading to smoke backing up into the room.
  • Check for obstructions. Inspect the chimney for any obstructions such as debris, bird nests, or creosote buildup. These blockages can interfere with proper ventilation and cause smoke to enter the room.
  • Use proper burning techniques. Ensure that you’re using proper burning techniques when lighting a fire in the fireplace. Use only seasoned hardwood that has been properly dried, and avoid overloading the fireplace with too much wood.
  • Book a chimney inspection. If the issue persists, or if you notice any signs of chimney damage or deterioration, it’s advisable to have the chimney inspected by a professional chimney sweep or fireplace technician.

The Importance of an Annual Chimney Sweep & Inspection

The chimney stands high above the roof line of your home and is exposed to weather elements that can cause deterioration. Because of this, it can face damage over time, due to storms, flying debris, animal tampering, and more.

Do you know the number one way you can reduce the number of repairs needed to keep your chimney and fireplace operational? If you guessed a routine chimney sweep and inspection, you’re right!

Scheduling an annual chimney sweep with a professional chimney sweep company like Beck’s can help prevent the need for repairs. Our chimney sweeps recommend servicing your chimney at least once a year to ensure everything is in working order and catch minor repairs before they grow into major issues. In addition, if you use your system frequently or year-round, we may recommend 2-3 inspections.

Our chimney sweeps include an exhaustive inspection to check for deterioration, leaks, and other threats to the safety and operation of your chimney and fireplace system. After the system is inspected, we also perform a thorough chimney cleaning to prevent soot buildup and other related issues.

Schedule with us today. Our team of experts can inspect your chimney to assess the condition, and address any maintenance or repairs needed to keep your chimney in good working order.

Choose Beck’s for Fireplace Repair Services Throughout Central Indiana

Over time, even the most well-constructed fireplaces will require maintenance and repairs due to wear and tear. Beck’s Chimney Sweep specializes in top-notch fireplace repair services to address various issues, including water damage and brick deterioration.

Is your fireplace showing signs of wear and tear, or, worse, structural issues? Beck’s is your trusted partner for comprehensive fireplace repair services, ensuring your fireplace remains safer and more functional.

At Beck’s Chimney Sweep, we’re the top choice for chimney repair because we implement innovative solutions and industry-leading techniques to service your entire chimney system, not just one aspect. Our fireplace and chimney repair services cover your entire set-up – from the fireplace floor to the top of your chimney cap.

Don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with our dedicated team today to ensure your fireplace and chimney system functions optimally.


Chimney leak repairs need to be dealt with quickly, before more damage leads to more expensive repairs. Our fireplace services crew is ready to help.