Chimney Sweep Services: Beck’s Is Happy to Offer McCordsville Homeowners the Best Care Possible

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We Offer Chimney Sweep & Inspection Services

The first step towards maintaining a safe and highly efficient heating appliance is booking chimney inspections and chimney sweep services every single year.

The Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommend annual maintenance for chimneys and hearth appliances of all kinds, no matter the fuel type. Why? These overviews allow us the opportunity to spot excess buildup, as well as any areas of damage, so we can address them before they get any worse.

We also service gas fireplaces. This includes:

  • cleaning and inspecting each component of the appliance, from the gas valves and gasket seals to the burners, the pilot light, and the logs
  • cleaning the glass and removing any stains that might hinder your view of the fire and/or cause any potential combustion issues
  • checking for proper clearance from combustibles, proper appliance installation, proper connection, and proper venting

If we spot any issues or areas of concerns, or if we see any areas or components in need of repairs, we’ll let you know what they are and what we recommend. And not to worry – our team is trained and equipped to handle any problem that crosses our path.

Need Chimney or Fireplace Repairs? We Can Help With That Too

What causes chimney and fireplace damage? Well, water is probably the leading cause of chimney damage, so if you need repairs, there’s a good chance severe weather or a leak is to blame. Fortunately, our chimney leak repair services include waterproofing, chimney cap repair and installation, chimney crown repair, and chase cover installation. No matter your issue, we’ve got it covered!

Animals and birds can also create blockages and cause issues with system performance, as well as increase the threat of carbon monoxide exposure…and even lead to a chimney fire! And then there’s creosote, which is a highly flammable substance that forms as wood fires burn – and it’s the leading cause of chimney fires. Creosote can also eat away at clay and metal liners and cause a great deal of damage over time.

Fortunately, our chimney repair services cover anything you might need. We offer:

Is your gas fireplace suffering? We also offer gas fireplace repair, as well as install fireplace blowers, ensuring you get the heat and efficiency you deserve.

Tech was knowledgeable and professional. Performed the cleaning quickly and helped me to understand how a home fireplace works. He even suggested a minor repair that saved me hundreds in future replacement costs.

-Glenn B.

Are Chimney Repairs Covered by Insurance?

When many homeowners experience issues with their chimneys, one of the first questions they ask is, “Will this be covered by my homeowner’s insurance?” And while it is entirely case-dependent, most of the time the answer is, unfortunately, no.

Why is this? Because, most of the time, the issues plaguing your chimney are usually preventable. Regardless of whether your system has sprung a leak or you’ve found traces of animals in your flue, these are the very situations that those recommended annual maintenance services – like chimney cleanings and inspections – are armored to protect against.

However, like we said (and much like with any other insurance provider), coverage is discretionary. If your home was hit by severe weather that clearly caused the inflicted damage, for example, your policy should ensure you don’t have to foot the bill for the necessary repairs. You would just have to provide proof that you’ve stayed on top of your regular, preventive maintenance when you send in your claim.

We know it may seem silly or unnecessary, but even when all signs point to things being “a-okay” with your fireplace and chimney, it’s crucial that you don’t skip the routine services meant to protect your system and your home. Doing so can only result in more issues, higher fees, and a bunch of hoops to jump through later.

If you haven’t scheduled your annual cleaning or chimney inspection, trust our team for a job done right. Call or book your next appointment online now.

Don’t Forget To Book Your Dryer Vent Services

Dirty or damaged dryer vents can pose several hazards…

  • Lint buildup can catch on fire due to heat from the dryer.
  • Airflow and efficiency can be affected.
  • Clothes can take longer to dry.
  • Toxic gas (like carbon monoxide) can accumulate in the home.
  • Moisture from the dryer can condense and cause mold growth.
  • Your dryer will need to work harder to dry clothes.
  • Longer drying times can result in higher energy bills and more wear.

Fortunately, regular maintenance, such as cleaning the vent and inspecting it for damage, can help homeowners prevent all of these issues. We offer dryer vent cleaning services, as well as many other dryer vent services (like rerouting, installation, repairs, and relining) to ensure your system works as well as possible.

Reach out now with questions!

Make Us Your Trusted Chimney Service Provider

As the premier chimney service provider in McCordsville, Noblesville, and countless areas nearby, we take your needs seriously. Our dedication to excellence is matched only by our commitment to your safety and satisfaction, and we don’t leave the health and integrity of your chimney to chance.

Contact us today to schedule an inspection, cleaning, or any necessary repairs. Your trusted team of chimney experts is just a call or click away!


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