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Pendleton, Indiana, is a smaller town, but don’t assume it doesn’t have much to offer… Whether you’re interested in history, outdoor activities, shopping, or dining out, Pendleton has an attraction for you.

Falls Park is one of Pendleton’s most popular outdoor spots, offering picturesque scenery, walking trails, picnic areas, and – best of all – a beautiful waterfall. It’s a great spot for outdoor recreation and family outings.

History buffs can learn about the town’s history and heritage at the Pendleton Historical Museum, which features exhibits showcasing Pendleton’s past, including its role in the Underground Railroad and the Civil War.

Love the arts? Check out Pendleton Artists Society Gallery. Looking to shop a bit? Check out the range of local shops, where you can discover unique boutique finds, gift shop items, antiques, and more. Are you an avid reader? The Pendleton Community Library has lots to offer.

And on days when the weather isn’t so fair, make sure your fireplace is ready for use by counting on us. We serve Pendleton, as well as many neighboring communities, such as Ingalls, Alliance, Bloomer, Hardscrabble, Luxhaven, Noblesville, Carmel, Fishers, and more.

Can You Prevent the Need for Future Chimney Repairs?

Good news: There are things you can do to protect your chimney against damage, so you don’t have to budget for repairs in the future. Here are just a few tips to keep issues at bay:

  • Never miss an inspection: The #1 most effective (and affordable) thing you can do to stave off the need for repairs is to schedule a chimney inspection every year. By getting the eyes of a pro on every aspect of your chimney system, you’ll know what kind of condition your chimney is in at all times – so you can be proactive and keep everything in great condition.
  • Monitor for signs of damage: Keep an eye out for signs of chimney damage, such as water leaks, crumbling bricks or mortar, rust on the damper or firebox, and unusual odors.
  • Invest in chimney waterproofing: Waterproofing is one thing that can provide your chimney with decades of protection against water damage. And that’s good news because repairing water damage can be costly.
  • Top your chimney with a quality cap: Chimney caps are affordable and effective. They are designed to keep moisture, debris, downdrafts and animals out of your chimney flue. By investing in a good one that will protect and prevent the need for repairs, you can save stress and money over time.
  • Use well-seasoned wood in your fireplace: Flammable, corrosive creosote is a natural byproduct of wood burning…but you can limit how much is left behind in your system by only burning seasoned wood. Green or wet wood has a higher moisture content, which means higher creosote production.

How Much Does It Cost To Repair a Chimney?

As much as we would love to provide you with a potential range of costs when you schedule a repair service, there are simply too many factors to do so accurately. Just like every home is different, so too is every fireplace, chimney, and/or other flame-producing hearth appliance.

A “chimney leak” may be a universal term in describing a situation in which water has entered a venting structure, for example, but no two chimney leaks will be in the same place or caused by the same issue. This makes it rather challenging to attach a number value to a chimney repair service that changes from case to case in accordance with the placement and severity of damage.

Here at Beck’s Chimney, we feel strongly that price transparency is important in fostering quality, long-lasting relationships with all our customers. Because of this, we never share the cost of any of our products and services on our website, as we don’t wish to mislead anyone with false information.

If you’re curious about quote estimates and what to expect from the financial side when you schedule a chimney maintenance or repair service with us, reach out! We’re happy to discuss things with you.

Beck’s was easy to book and everyone was very friendly and responsive. Our cleaner was polite, communicative and very efficient- in and out in less than an hour. Overall they did great work and I’ll be booking them again next year.

-Kellye C.

When Scheduling Repairs, Look for the CSIA-Certified Badge

We know that when you need to schedule chimney repairs, it can be hard to know who to trust. When you’re weighing your options, make sure you’re only looking at companies that are certified with the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA). There are no federal regulations for the chimney industry, but when you work with a company that’s CSIA-certified, you can be confident they’re highly trained, knowledgeable, and committed to ethical, quality work.

The CSIA has a passion for educating and training sweeps, while protecting homeowners against scams, rip-offs, and the dangerous situations that can arise if the work is done by someone unqualified for the job.

So look for the CSIA certification badge. If they don’t have it, don’t risk it. Move on to the next company.

Need Chimney Repairs? We’re Here to Help

The team at Beck’s Chimney is CSIA-certified and capable of taking care of any and all of your chimney repair needs. Ready to get started? Call or reach out online now.


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