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Westfield, IN is a vibrant – and growing! – city in Hamilton County, just north of Indianapolis. Home to many charming communities, modern amenities, and natural beauty, it’s no wonder people love living here…and it’s one of the cities we’re happy to travel to!

The city has experienced significant growth in recent years, while still maintaining its small-town feel. That means you can enjoy local attractions like Grand Park Sports Campus, MacGregor Park, and Freedom Trail Park, as well as numerous restaurants and countless boutique shops, art galleries, and specialty stores in the downtown area…just without having to deal with the “big city vibes” that many aren’t crazy about.

Between sunny days at the area’s numerous parks and rainy days spent indoors by a crackling fireplace, Westfield seems to have all you need. …just make sure your fireplace is safe for use by booking annual maintenance with our techs.

We travel to Westfield, Hortonville, Deming, Noblesville, Northfield, Rosston, Lamong, Kingsley, Carmel, Zionsville, and many areas surrounding, and we’d love to learn what we can do for you. Call or book online today.

We also offer dryer vent services, including cleanings, to ensure your appliance can function as safely and as efficiently as possible.

Why Do You Need an Annual Chimney Inspection?

Why are chimney inspections needed every year? Because the sooner we can address any issues, the better! The only way to really know if something is amiss is by inspecting the system annually. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait until things are really obvious – and at that point, they’ll be more costly and time-consuming to address.

Think of it this way…unlike cars and many other household appliances, fireplaces and their chimneys have yet to be developed with any kind of blinking light or warning system to alert you when something is wrong and requires attention. The only way to confidently know whether or not your chimney and fireplace are safe and suitable for regular operation is to have a professional perform routine tests and checks.

In fact, a chimney inspection is to a chimney/fireplace system as an annual doctor’s visit is to a human – both are meant to be preventive and inform you of any issues or existing conditions, as well as outline any next steps to take to maximize health and general output.

And just like we don’t always know exactly what’s going on behind the scenes in our own bodies – and thus rely on preventive routine care to avoid illness and injury – the same is true for your chimney. Most of the time, if something is a little wonky, the root problem stems from somewhere in the darkest depths of the inner walls.

Looking for a professional to entrust your chimney care and services with locals to the Central Indiana area? At Beck’s, we provide homeowners with the best of the best – whether that’s an annual service or an in-depth repair. Book online with us today.

What Is a Chimney Sweep Service & How Does It Differ From an Inspection?

You know that annual inspections are important in keeping you and your family safer from the dangers of a dirty chimney, as well as preserving the life of your system…but this all sounds vaguely reminiscent of a chimney sweep service. Is there a difference between having your fireplace and chimney properly cleaned every year and scheduling a routine inspection?

The biggest difference between a sweeping service and any level of chimney inspection is in the intention: the point of the former is to ensure that everything is free and clear of any dirt, creosote, and other debris, while the latter functions as a sort of preventive, diagnostic overview that looks over all the components and verifies suitable operation.

  • In a chimney sweep service, we go in with special tools to brush away the harmful creosote deposits and any other accumulated debris and gunk they find, but we won’t be actively looking for damage or areas in need of repair.
  • In a chimney inspection, while it’s likely that we’ll encounter some soot condensation here and there and areas that could benefit from a good scrubbing, our focus is on checking over all the composite parts for adequate fit and function.

Considering how most of the potential for a variety of dangers lies largely within the walls of the system – and thus out of sight and mind – both of these services work in tandem to assure operation is as safe and efficient as possible.

Have you scheduled your annual chimney inspection yet? What about your chimney cleaning? Fortunately, for those in Noblesville and its neighboring communities, Beck’s is here to get those tasks off your plate and put your mind at ease. Simply get in touch through this form on our website or give us a call at 414-626-5636 to learn more and get started today.

The technician was on time and very professional. He did a thorough cleaning and looked to see if any repairs were needed. Plus he gave me a heads up of a regulation change that would require some work if and when we would sell our home. It’s good to have a heads up on regulation changes. Becks does a great job and communication was great.

-Scott S.

Who Inspects Fireplaces? Is That Different From a Chimney Inspection?

It is rather interesting that a service entailing a top-to-bottom analysis of a hearth appliance system is generally called “a chimney inspection” as opposed to something a bit more all-encompassing. That said, a chimney inspection is not merely an inspection of the chimney itself and nothing else. A proper inspection will, of course, include a close look at the chimney, the flue (and the state of its liner), and other “chimney-specific” elements…but it will also involve a thorough examination of the fireplace (or firebox) too.

In the same manner, while we’re commonly referred to as “chimney techs” or “chimney sweeps,” we know our way around the entire appliance – not just its venting system. So, if you’re noticing issues or weird activity going on with your fireplace, no matter the fuel type, you can trust you’ll be in excellent hands when you call Beck’s to come take a look.

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